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  • Beautiful Granite-like resurfacing!

  • Fast turn-around times (no need foryour surface to be down for extended days at a time)

  • Landscaping not tore-up like would happen on typical concrete tear-out and replacement.

  • Unlimited color options with quartz and flake color blends!

  • Less expensive than replacement

  • Highly Crack Resistant options!

  • Unique…not the same old gray!


The Graniflex Decorative Broadcasting System is a permanent, flexible, and decorative coating system. Protecting the application surface with a liquid rubber and decorating with polymer flakes, quartz, or sand, the Graniflex System delivers a durable high performance coating that is slip resistant and highly crack resistant.

With unlimited color options, the Graniflex color flake or quartz decorative broadcast system excels where other broadcast systems cannot.  

It's flexible rubber "tentacle-like fingers" penetrate deep (sometimes up to 1.5 inches deep) within prepared concrete...when moisture vapor/pressure presses against them they expand and swell tightly against the concrete capillaries making it impossible to blow off the coating!

The Ultimate Concrete Coating
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